We operate within many areas of architecture, interior design and construction work. Due to our comprehensive expertise and close collaboration with special consultants and experts we keep the whole building process transparent – from the study and planning to the execution of construction work and building surveillance.  Consequently we not only create an informed basis for decisions but also make the building process predictable.

We carefully consider all frame conditions and aspects while developing feasibility studies and help in the search for plots and the right real estate. Additionally we support clients in formulating goals and wishes taking into account the specific features of every location. Our integral approach to planning is based on partnership and forms the foundation for creating good architecture.

Carolin Deckers, Robert Käfferlein

Moreover we offer reliable project management, tracking costs and deadlines conscientiously and staying in close contact with our clients.

We take on various tasks stretching from assigning projects to advertising and construction management, as we strive to make designs come alive.

Hence, the foundation and key element for our successful project handling is the transparent and trusting cooperation within our own team and the project team as well as with our clients.

Our long standing experience, also in international project management, helps us be prepared for diverse requests, interdisciplinary teams and cultural challenges. We form and manage project teams and take over communication, coordination and the management of interfaces between the different groups involved in the building process since we work as general planners.